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Gran Avila is a residential development that boasts of a contemporary Spanish architectural style, which is evident in every nook and cranny of this sprawling subdivision. The first thing that will greet guests and visitors is the immaculately landscaped main gate, complete with modern interpretations of Avila’s distinct, timeless features, such as bold, clean lines and elegant curves. This entrance gate will be manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a dedicated team of trained security personnel.

Another feature of this residential development is the multi-purpose function hall, which is the perfect venue for community meetings, social gatherings, and a wide array of recreational activities. This hall will be the ultimate social hub for Gran Avila residents of all ages.

The subdivision’s younger residents will definitely enjoy the children’s playground, which will be fitted with thoughtfully designed play equipment. The playground will be surrounded by landscaped lush greenery, which will bring children closer to the wonders of the great outdoors and nature.

There will also be dedicated wide open space, which will be immaculately landscaped with lush tropical foliage that will evoke the essence of this Laguna resort town. This main open space is perfect for a wide array of outdoor activities, including jogging, a fun round of Frisbee, football practice, or even a spontaneous picnic with family members and friends.

The entire Gran Avila residential development will be surrounded by a sturdy, unscalable perimeter fence. This security feature is specially designed to keep unauthorized entry at a bare minimum and promote peace of mind among the residents.

The roads leading to the different corners of the Gran Avila subdivision will be wide and properly paved, allowing residents to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of living in a sprawling suburban zone. There will also be a specially designed drainage system consisting of reinforced concrete pipes located underground, which will keep the roads and homes flood-free and safe during the typhoon season. A centralized water supply distribution system, complemented by an elevated water tank, will be on hand to provide residents with strong water flow right from the tap. Meralco, the country’s leading utility provider, will be the energy distributor in this development.

  • Modern Inspired Design
  • Landscaped Main Entrance with Guardhouse
  • Multi-Purpose Hall for Meetings, School Gatherings and Recreations
  • Landscaped Children's Playground with Play Equipment
  • Landscaped Main Open Space
  • Perimeter Fence
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